Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TNA Title Belts - Knockouts Title Belt

The Knockouts Title Belt was brought in 2007 and the first winner being Gail Kim, winning it in a gauntlet match. She currently works in WWE, She left TNA due to problems with her pay. The Devision has been praised as the greatest womens wrestling on TV and was extremely popular but as of late the devision has become stale with terrible booking and the ideals that Women should only be eye & arm candy and have filler matches. The opinion of some is that the Knockouts Title Belt has become less prestigious since the new booking style Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff having the title being lost almost every PVP and the lock box challenge hurt the credebility of the title. I personally hope that they fix the situation with them, pay a correct wage and get the fans back. As it seems strange not only to tank them as they brought in the highest rated segments and were extremely popular. Being a new niche and an exciting one at that to push TNA further in my own opinion they need to fix the situation and bring the devision back to its former glory.

I have included the list of the knockout champions since the title was introduce in 2007. Notice the change since Jan 4th. I hope that we do see Awsome Kong Gail Kim back home in the future.

  1.  1st ever TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim October 14, 2007 Atlanta, GA
  2. Awesome Kong Via Gail Kim January 7, 2008 Orlando, FL
  3. Taylor Wilde Via Awsome Kong July 10, 2008 Orlando, FL
  4. Awesome Kong Via Taylor wild October 23, 2008 Las Vegas, NV
  5. Angelina Love wins via  April 19, 2009 Philadelphia, PA
  6. Tara wins via Angelina Love June 25, 2009 Orlando, FL
  7. Angelina Love wins via Tara  July 19, 2009 Orlando, FL
  8. ODB wins via Angelina Love August 16, 2009 Orlando, FL
TNA Knockouts Title Declared Vacant August 27, 2009
  1. ODB wins via Cody Deaner September 20, 2009 Orlando, FL
  2. (ODB defeated Cody Deaner to regain the vacant title)                           
  3. Tara via ODB December 20, 2009 Orlando, FL                                             
  4. ODB wins via Tara January 4, 2010 Orlando, FL                                            
  5. Tara wins via ODB January 17, 2010 Orlando, FL
  6. Angelina wins via Tara Love April 5, 2010 Orlando, FL
  7. Madison Rayne April 18, 2010 St. Louis, MO

The Current TNA knockouts Champion is Madison Rayne, who won the title at lockdown in a match with Madison Rayne (The Beautiful People) & Velvet Sky vs Tara and Angelina Love with both the Knockouts Tag Championship and the Knockout Championship on the line.
Madison Scored the win and has had one successful title defence since.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TNA Wrestling World Heavy Weight Title History

The TNA Title Belts date back from 2002 and has been apart of TNA ever since. The first World Heavy Weight Championship Belt was won by Ken Shamrock where it was vacant in a gauntlet for the gold match (The title then was known as the NWA Heavy Weight Championship).

Below is the breif win loss history of the TNA Title Belts including dates and who they lost to.

TNA world Heavy Weight Championship
Ken Shamrock June 19, 2002 Huntsville, AL
Ron Killings Via Ken Shamrock August 7, 2002 Nashville, TN
Jeff Jarret Via Ron Killings Novemeber 20, 2002 Nashville, TN
AJ Styles Via Jeff Jarret June 11, 2003 Nashville, TN
Jeff Jarret Via AJ Styles October 22, 2003 Nashville TN
AJ Styles Via Jeff Jaret April 21, 2004 Nashville TN
Ron Killings Via AJ Styles May 19, 2004 Nashville TN
Jeff Jarret Via Ron Killings June 2, 2004
AJ Styles Via Jeff Jarret May 15, 2005 Orlando FL
Raven Via King Of The Mountain June 19, 2005 Orlando FL
Jeff Jarret Via Raven September 15, 2005 Windsor ON
Rino Via Jeff Jarret October 23, 2005 Orlando FL
Christian Cage Via Jeff Jarret Feb 12, 2006 Orlando FL
Jeff Jarret June 29, 2006 Orlando FL (After a highly controversial win in The King Of The Mountain Match the title was handed to Jeff)
Sting Via Jeff Jarret October 22, 2006 Detroit MI
Abyss Via Sting November 19, 2006 Orlando FL
Christian Cage Via Abyss January, 2007 Orlando FL
Kurt Angle Via King Of The Mountain June 17 2007 Nashville TN
Sting Via Kurt Angle October 14, 2007 Atlanta GA
Kurt Angle Via Sting October 25, 2007 Orlando FL
Samoa Joe Via Kurt Angle April 13, 2008 Lowell, MA
Sting October 12, 2008 Chicago, IL
Mick Foley April 19, 2009 Philadelphia, PA
Kurt Angle June 21, 2009 Detroit MI
AJ Styles September 20, 2009 Orlando FL
Rob Van Dam Via AJ Styles, April 19, 2010

The Current Champion TNAWorld Heavy Weight Champion Title Holder is Rob Van Dam

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